DAS: Debt Help in Scotland

DAS is debt help run by the Scottish Government

With the Debt Arrangement Scheme you could:

  • Pay no more than you can afford
  • Pay no interest or charges on your unsecured debts
  • Avoid insolvency and stop lender demands

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Debt Arrangement Scheme: Official Debt Help in Scotland

If you have fallen behind with your debt repayments on your unsecured debts, you might qualify for debt help from the Scottish Government.

DAS, or the Debt Arrangement Scheme, is run by the Scottish Government to help Scottish residents repay their debts at a rate they can afford. On a Debt Payment Programme under DAS, you could lower your monthly payments by spreading them over a longer repayment period.

Some reasons to apply for the Debt Arrangement Scheme

  • DAS gives you more time to repay what you owe.
  • Interest, fees and charges are frozen.
  • You are given statutory protection, so your lenders can't take action against you.
  • You'll get an expert point of contact helping you.

Not only can DAS protect you from enforcement action from your lenders, it could help you afford your mortgage payments too, potentially helping you remain in your home.

How to qualify for DAS

DAS could help you to repay your debts at a rate you can afford if you can't afford the repayments you originally agreed.

To qualify, you need to be able to pay a reasonable amount towards your debt every month, once you have covered your essentials.

You can only apply for DAS through a DAS approved Money Adviser, who can discuss your budget with you and work out what you can realistically afford to spend on your debt every month.

When they have that information, they can approach your lenders and negotiate a fair and affordable repayment plan.

Your lenders don't have to accept you onto DAS. However, if one or more lenders refuse to accept a Debt Payment Programme, your Money Adviser could help.

DAS: The fair and reasonable test

Your Money Adviser will want to find you an affordable repayment plan for your debt, so if they think DAS is the way to go, but one or more of your lenders won't accept the Debt Payment Plan, then the DAS administrator will use the 'Fair and Reasonable' test to decide whether your DPP can go ahead.

The criteria your DAS administrator would use to decide whether DAS would be fair to you and your lender(s) are:

  • Your total debt and how quickly you could repay it.
  • How often you could make payments.
  • How many other lenders have agreed to the DPP.
  • Other views from your other lenders.
  • Your Money Adviser's views.
  • Whether you have applied for a DPP before.

Find out whether DAS is right for you

DAS, or the Debt Arrangement Scheme, offers statutory protection to borrowers who are struggling to repay debts. A Debt Payment Programme under DAS could make your repayments affordable again.

You could find out in one phone call whether DAS is right for you, so call and speak to an expert debt adviser, or submit your details on this page and they'll call you.