Debt Management Plans

A debt management plan could help you to keep debt under control

A debt management plan could:

  • Help you to afford your priority bills and expenses
  • Stop lender contact
  • Help you to avoid insolvency

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Debt Management: how it could help

Here is an example of how a Debt Management Plan could make your debts more manageable.

Credit card £7,000
Personal loan £6,000
Store card A £3,000
Store card B £2,000
Total owed £18,000
Current monthly repayment £700
With a Debt Management plan:
New repayments £250

Repayments are based on affordability and vary from case to case.

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Reasons to get a debt management plan

If you left a leaky tap dripping for weeks on end, it would fill a bath. Does your debt sometimes feel like a dripping tap? Many tiny additions to your debt could add up to more than you ever thought possible, given time.

Leaking taps can be fixed with the right tools. If you're looking for a way to fix an unsecured debt problem, a debt management plan could be the tool you're looking for.

Do you qualify for a debt management plan?

Do you owe money on a credit card, a personal loan, an overdraft, a store card or catalogue, or your car? Are you struggling with your repayments? Are you even borrowing more money to pay what you owe and keep a roof over your head? A debt management plan could help.

Do you…

  • Want affordable payments?
  • Want someone else to negotiate with your lenders for you?
  • Want an effective way to deal with your unsecured debt?

Can you…

  • Afford to pay at least something towards your debts every month?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, a debt management plan could be just right.

How a debt management plan could help

While you're on a debt management plan, your lenders agree not to 'push' you for money that you need for your mortgage, or rent, for your food and your utilities, for your children, for your transport and for your health. Here are three more good reasons to try a debt management plan:

  • You'll only pay what you can afford every month, based on your personal budget
  • Lenders often agree to freeze interest and charges
  • You could avoid more serious consequences like bankruptcy if you act quickly to get your unsecured debts under control.

A debt management plan is something you can organise yourself, or you can ask for help from a professional debt management company. Our partners have long-standing relationships with lenders and negotiates with them on behalf of borrowers all over the UK, to make sure their payments remain affordable.

Lowering your monthly repayments will damage your credit record for six years - but look at it another way. If you're already considering debt management, it's likely you're not coping with your debt already - in which case your credit record may already be damaged.

Are you borrowing money to get by every month? Living off your credit card or extending your overdraft regularly? As a temporary solution it's not always a problem, but over the course of a few months regular borrowing can build up to the point where it's necessary to get help.

Talk to a debt expert and find out more about your options, so you can decide whether a debt management plan could help you. You'd be under no obligation to join a debt management plan - and perhaps some advice on budgeting, or how to manage your money better, is all you need to turn things around. What have you got to lose? You can call today on 0800 970 7673.