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The right debt advice could:

  • Reduce your monthly payments
  • Take the stress out of your finances
  • Help you get out of debt

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Here is an example of how an IVA could make your debts more manageable.

Credit card £10,000
Personal loan £15,000
Store card A £2,000
Store card B £4,000
Total owed £31,000
Current monthly repayment £700
During the IVA and once finished
New repayments £300
Total repaid £18,000

Repayments are based on affordability and vary from case to case.

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Dealing with debt problems

Dealing with out-of-control debts can be extremely difficult.

Along with the financial impact of debt problems, the emotional strain can be tough for people too - especially when they have bills to pay, families to feed and households to run.

Here at Debt Advice Now, we understand the pressure you're probably under if you've fallen behind on your repayments towards personal loans, credit cards, overdrafts and other types of unsecured debt - and we pride ourselves on helping people find a manageable way out of their debt problems every day.

If you need to find a way of getting back on top of your unsecured debts, our partners could point you in the right direction - so you can leave your debt problems firmly in the past, and get on with living your life again.

How could our partners actually help you?

They'll assess your situation

Debt problems can come in all shapes and sizes - and the 'warning signs' that you're losing control of your debts can be subtle.

You may have been repaying your debts well up to now, but a sudden change in your circumstances - such as a drop in income, or unemployment - could have had a serious impact on your financial situation.

You could be getting into serious debt problems if you are:

  • Repaying one credit card with another
  • Using an overdraft to cover essential living costs
  • Paying your household bills late
  • Ignoring letters and phone calls from your lenders
  • Regularly missing your debt repayments.

Our partners can discuss your finances with you and give you expert advice on the best way of dealing with your debts. Call 0800 970 7673 to speak to a debt adviser today.

They'll help you find the best solution

Debt problems aren't the same for everyone. As a result, there isn't a 'one size fits all' approach to help people with debt problems - but various options, each designed to help borrowers in a different kind of situation.

Call 0800 970 7673 if your looking for an approach to your debts that really takes your situation into account.

If you're generally repaying your unsecured debts well every month, but you're finding them a bit confusing to keep track of, debt consolidation could help - giving you one payment to just one lender per month.

On the other hand, if you've fallen behind with your monthly repayments, you'll need a different approach. Missing payments could lead to extra fees and charges, a damaged credit rating and - further down the line - legal action from your unsecured lenders, so taking action sooner rather than later is important.

If you're in this situation, our partners could help you agree a debt management plan with your unsecured lenders - a new repayment plan that could help you get back on top of your debts by making lower repayments over a longer period. Repaying your debts at a realistic pace could take a big weight off your shoulders (just bear in mind that making smaller payments could cost you more overall in interest and will affect your credit rating).

Talk to an adviser today and they could help you find the most suitable debt solution for you.